1.What material is solid wood particle board made of?

Most wooden furniture on the market can be divided into two categories based on the raw materials used: "solid wood" and "board". Solid wood refers to natural wood made from a single piece of wood. Solid wood particle board is a sturdy artificial board made by using wood chips as raw material and pressing them with high-pressure glue. It belongs to a type of particle board.

The wood fiber particles inside the board are relatively large, which retains more of the essence of natural wood. It is a new and environmentally friendly substrate.

All CHICHSE furniture products are made from solid wood particle board.

2.Why use solid wood particle board to make furniture?

Because solid wood particle board is made from wood chips, its environmental friendliness is guaranteed, avoiding secondary waste of materials. According to statistics, 70% of furniture substrates are made of solid wood particle board.

Nowadays, the supply of wood worldwide is insufficient to meet the needs of people's lives and social development. Therefore, developing solid wood particle board is an important way to save wood and realize comprehensive utilization of wood. According to statistics, 1.3 cubic meters of wood waste can produce 1 cubic meter of solid wood particle board, and the utilization value of 1 cubic meter of solid wood particle board is equivalent to that of 3 cubic meters of plank made from logs.

Reducing logging is an environmentally friendly behavior that helps protect the earth's ecological environment and promote sustainable development. Every person on earth should contribute to the world's sustainable development.

3.Is solid wood particle board waterproof?

Solid wood particle board is prone to moisture absorption, which can cause it to expand, warp, deform, and even mold or rot. However, since moisture and humidity are everywhere, we have applied a nano-solution coating to solid wood particle board to make it waterproof, non-absorbent, moisture-resistant, mold-resistant, and prolong its service life. The nano-solution coating is colorless, transparent, safe, and environmentally friendly.

4.Is solid wood particle board strong?

Solid wood particle board is an environmentally friendly artificial board made by using solid wood particles as raw materials and processed by high temperature and high pressure. Its internal texture is uniform, and it has strong bending and compression resistance and stability. It is widely used in the furniture industry. Compared with other artificial boards, solid wood particle board is more sturdy and durable.

5.Is solid wood better than particle board?

Solid wood and particle board are two common materials used in furniture and decorative items, and they have wide applications in these industries. However, many people are not clear.