About Us

chichse is an innovative furniture website dedicated to providing affordable and stylish furniture solutions to its customers.

Chichse ignited the sparks of dreams that year. A group of furniture designers and manufacturing experts worked together to turn dreams into reality. We firmly believe that with hard work and passion, any dream can be achieved. Chichse strives for excellence, continuously breaking through tradition, and delivering astonishing furniture solutions to every customer. In this relentless journey, we have experienced numerous challenges and accomplishments, inspiring us to keep moving forward.

We are committed to creating a warm and pleasurable shopping experience, allowing customers to find the feeling of home in our furniture and passing on this warmth to our partners. We emphasize the interaction and care between people, building close relationships with employees, customers, and collaborators, forming one big family.

We have a team of furniture designers who love design and creation, technical experts proficient in manufacturing processes, and sales personnel dedicated to providing outstanding service to customers. The team is united and works together to achieve our mission and vision. Each team member is an essential part of this big family, supporting and uplifting each other, and through collaboration, creating remarkable furniture products.

We will always maintain innovation and effort to bring you the perfect home experience. Thank you for your support and attention, and we look forward to creating a cozy home for you!

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Email: support@chichse.com

Tel: +86 18782937520

Address: 518, Building C, Hongsheng Center Project, No. 13 Gaoxin Avenue, Shangjie Town, Minhou County, Fujian Province